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Coach 5647

The VIA Train in a Vaughan Basement

Turbo in 1979

Some guys have model trains in their basements. Some guys have some memorabilia from real trains in their basements. I think I can safely say I'm the only guy in Canada with a real train in his basement.

It took me four and a half years and over 2500 hours to build VIA coach 5647, and it even involved buying the real VIA coach 5647 and taking it apart. Those of you who are not obsessed with trains are asking yourself, WHY??? (Guys who are obsessed with trains are asking, HOW DO I FIND A WIFE WHO WILL LET ME DO THAT???)

We each have a favourite place: a place where we feel completely at home, where the stresses and headaches of daily life seem to melt away and we can just chill and regroup. My favourite place is on board the VIA train, especially on board the VIA trains of my youth, riding the Rapido between Toronto and Montreal. Now I have this special place in my house.

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